Sunday, 10 November 2013

New blog...same great content!

Hello...and welcome!
What you're looking at is the online home for Holger Danske: The original comic work by Morgan Wolf and me, Cody Andreasen.
If you're a long-time fan, you know that we have once again changed the format of our website.  You'll also know that we've been on a bit of a hiatus for a short while.
After being hacked for what I can only assume were inexplicable and misguided reasons, we've had to revert to our blog-type home.
But fear not! Here, you'll find the same great content as always.  Hilarious and thoughtful blog updates, lots of art from Holger Danske and, of course, the once-regular webcomic you've all grown to love: Useless Degrees at Work.
There will also be new content coming shortly...some samples from a recently-published eBook anthology that we contributed to, as well as future projects we continue to work on.
So, have a look around...sign up your email for notifications.
And, of course...tell your friends!


  1. Wow! Am I sure glad I accidentally clicked on this up in the bookmarks on the computer! This is much better than Stumbleupon!

  2. Hey Cody, this is Rod Peters. i've been thinking of writing a treeplanting story of some sort. Enlighten the ignorant masses of what it's really like out there. Maybe a comic would work. Want another project?
    I found my old manuscript of the rap Jon and i used to do, and evidently i spent some time filling it out some years later. It's pretty hilarious.