Thursday, 16 January 2014

*The Word You're Looking For is "Irrespective"*

I'm finally doing it.  I'm working on Holger Danske again after a long hiatus.  (I am not querying either, praise the Lord.  I can only take so much of that and I'm all full up right now.)

I am revamping all the scripts so that instead of a six issue miniseries, we will have one graphic novel instead (current page count 219!)  It won't be that bloated when I am finished with it.

I don't know whether changing the format will solve our pitching problems or not. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter.  Tailoring your project to fit the current sensibilities of the publishing industry is like target practice with a gun that doesn't shoot straight.   It won't matter how much you line up, the bullet goes off sideways--the target ever illusive.

So that brings us back around to where we started all those years ago with Holger Danske. Creating a story that we like. We do what we want, *irregardless* of what the professionals like or don't like.  The only people we owe a good story to is ourselves.